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1 Undead le Lun 5 Juil - 13:40

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You better get up out the way,
Tomorrow we'll rise so let`s fight today.
You know I don`t give a fuck what you think or say,
Cuz we gonna rock this whole place anyway
Look up and see that motherfuckin` writin on the wall,
When you see J3T …30 deep he's down to brawl,
Fuck all haters I see, cuz I hate that you breathe,
I see you duck, you little punk, you little fuckin` disease.
I got HU tatted on the front of my arms, boulevard brass knuckles in the
Back of the car, cuz we drunk drive Cadillac`s we never go far, but when
You see us motherfuckers, better know who we are.
I got one thing to say to punk asses who hate, motherfuckers don't know,
But you better watch what you say,
From these INDUSTRY fucks, to these faggot ass punks,
You don't know what it takes to get this motherfuckin` drunk?
I'm already ridin` baby, it`s a little too late, Johnny`s takin` heads off of
All faggots who hate.
Cuz I'm like God, motherfucker, there's a price to pay….
Ya I'm a God, motherfucker…..and it`s Judgement Day


I'm getting used to this nuisance of fags who bad mouth this music
How fuckin` stupid and foolish of you to think you can do this
You cowards can't you never will, don't even try to pursue it
I took the chance, I paid the bill, I nearly died for this music
You make me wanna run around pullin` my guns out and shit
Your temptin` me to run my mouth and call you out on this bitch
How ignorant you gotta be to believe any of this?
You need to slit your wrist, get pissed and go jump off a bridge
What you can't see the sarcasm in the verses I spit?
What you think I just got lucky and didn't work for this shit?
Bitch, I've been working at this ever since I was a kid
I've played a million empty shows for only family and friends,
What kind of person would dis a band that deserves to get big?
I'd hate to be that person when my verse comes out their kids lips
That shits as worse as it gets, this verse is over, I quit
Signed Charlie Scene…….. on your girlfriends tits


White boys with tattoos, pa..pointin` right at you
We're breakin everything, ra..roudy like a class room
Pack of wolves, cuz we don’t follow the rules
And when you're runnin` your mouth, our razor blades come out
Bu...but you already press, and you know I never stress,
With Loki DMS, J..Johnny to my left
Got phantom and the rest who are down to rep the west ,
I grew up on by drive by's and LA gang signs
So what the fuck you know about bein` a gangsta`?
And what the fuck you know about bein` in danger?
You ain`t doin` this so you know you just talking` shit,
Mad at all of us…. cuz every song is a fuckin` hit


Motha` fucka` time to ride.. ride
I see you duck when we drive by
Motha` fucka` it`s time to ride.. ride
Won`t you punks just die.. die.. die

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