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1 Hallways le Lun 12 Juil - 15:46

Desert, mountains, life. We drove out where the winds blew. For what we did those nights, we'd lose what was inside you. I took my parents' car, and you slept the whole way. I paid up in cash, how much I loved you those days.

Too mixed up to pass on, we were pretty with the worst genes. I'd just 'bout lost my mind by the time that you turned eighteen. Destroyed what I had left, some different kind of monster. Almost drank myself to death... So I could look down, on her.

I know that I an young, but I will love another. And I know that I'll have fun, fun enough to bother, All the places I would go where no one else could follow, in the long hallways pf my life.

All the places we would go, where no one else could follow, in the long hallways of my life.

Fuck them @LL Fuck
another brick in the wall
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