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1 Nightfall le Lun 12 Juil - 15:31

Honey, I know I’m moving too fast, walking over water, walking over stained glass. Little white sparrows overhead. Fast as they fly away from here, baby I’d as soon be dead. All life, hillsides being torn down. Losing my mind, buildings all around. It’s too late, it’s too late, I ain’t gonna wait around. Honey, I’ll be gone before the nightfall.

Polish off some Ballantines and chase it with some gin. Ten thousand scaffolds holding half a million kids. I reached to grab a glowing rose but instead I burned my hand. It was just a thousand moths covering a light, hoping that they’d found land.

Life could be a luxury if life forfeited time. Because all that time has done to me is give then take what’s mine. It’s not mine, it’s not mine, I ain’t gonna waste more time. Honey, I’ll be gone before the nightfall.

Fuck them @LL Fuck
another brick in the wall
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