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1 California le Lun 5 Juil - 13:55

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Get, get, get drunk let`s………Get, get, get drunk let`s ……

California show me love
Get buzzed let`s get fucked up
California throw it up
Get buzzed let`s get fucked up
California show me love
get buzzed let`s get fucked up
So high we'll ride all night

Comin` straight out of Cali, the 818 valley, 323 fuckin` horse nut alley.
And from Highland to Clayton, all these bitch's are hatin`,
Cuz the shit that we're sayin`, but it`s our shit that they're playin`.
If we don`t make it we'll take it, if it ain`t real then we'll fake it,
Open your mouth and I'll break it, don`t give a fuck if you hate it.
We're lookin` for the six chicks, down with the six dicks,
Rollin` on 10's getting` buzzed its ridiculous.
Horny like a sickness, quickies with the quickness, pussy like it`s business
Work it like it`s fitness.
Listen while I spit this, game at all these bitches, now I`m gonna hit this
and fuck it till I`m dickless…..


Let`s get the girls to the front, put the slut in the back,
Let`s push them all together now, let`s put them on our laps.
Alcohol and drugs, and California love, they got me ready to party, all this weed n` Bacardi.
From the north to the south, this state`s all about, silicone lips and all the fake tits.
California girls, best in the world, best in the back seat, so let`s get fuckin` nasty.
I`m a pirate on the streets of Ca..California, movin` and cruisin`,
We're boozing` all night till the morning`.
So from dusk till dawn you know Undead is always on, hit it once like a bong,
Hit it twice and then I`m gone ……


.. All night till the morning

You don`t wanna step on up,
We leave the club fucked up.
C`mon down and say wussup,
Don`t front cuz I ain`t buzzed.
Johnny`s here to fuck you up,
J-Dog pass the 40 up.
You know I'll be here all night,
And Undead till the day we die…...


Get, get, get drunk let`s….. get buzzed let`s get fucked up…….
So high we'll ride all night

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