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No Other Place

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1 No Other Place le Lun 5 Juil - 13:42

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Cuz there`s no other place that I`d rather be than Los Angeles,
C`mon shake it baby
C`mon grab a drink, I wanna see you hit the floor
You gotta fat ass, but you shake it like you ain`t a ho.

Who dat, who dat knockin` on the window,
It`s Funny J-Dog smoking` up the indo..
Windows down, you know the systems` bangin`
“Hollywood Undead” I ain`t playin` !
Cruzin` downtown with a bottle beside me,
Lookin` so fly, I got bitches behind me.
Yo in the studio makin` something to dance to,
Cuz these bitches wanna hear something they can shake their ass to.
Yeeeaa up in L.A. represent Hollywood, Westside till I die,
Mutha` fucka` was good.
So what`s good with that, when this songs` a rap,
Deuce in the studio, got bitches in the back.
Smoked out back seat, dippin` in the taxi,
So what you gonna do when I knock you out foo?
You know we keep it the same, you know Undead is the name.
Say what yoy say it`s okay,
We ain`t never gunna` change.


Everybody in the club shake it up,
L.A. lemme` see you shake it up.
Hollywood, lemme` see you shake it up.
Everybody shake it up,
C`mon shake it baby !

Uhh I ain`t fuckin` around, cuz King Kong is down,
Cristal shake it up, we all over this town.
So let`s cruz to the blvd, into the Beauty Bar.
And lemme` see you work that ass….come on shake it fast.
Two whiskey hits, Jlo`s givin` shots in the back…
So where my boy`s at ??
There goes Johnny 3, cruzin` in the Cadillac,
63 no dubs and that`s a fact !
When you see me on the scene,
Black shirt, black jeans, tattoo`s, white shoes..
Runnin` 30 deep foo.
In the City of L.A., where it`s just another day.
Shootin` craps with the Phantom,
Dude thinks he`s getting` paid.
We ain`t here to front, we ain`t here to beef,
We`re just here to get you out yo mutha fuckin` seat.
And you really don`t want to fuck with this.
Undead and we rock it like what ? (Cuz that`s right)


Ha Ha Ha Ha, Oh shit, what`s really goin` on baby,
What`s happenin`playboy?
Who know who this is Funny Man a.k.a. King Kong y`all.
Oh, yo Dave, Diggity Dave,
Fuck you bitch, you got yo face pimped,
Holla`…Oh wait, gotta go, Charlie`s hittin` me up.
Peace….Bitch !

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